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Online Coding Bootcamp

Online Coding Bootcamp

Haku tähän koulutusohjelmaan on päättynyt. Tutustu tämänhetkiseen koulutustarjontaan ja ota ensimmäinen askel kohti uutta uraa täällä!
Ready to change your life and invest in yourself? AW Academy's JavaScript Online Coding Bootcamp is a great place to start! On demand, we now launch a new concept with which you can learn front end web development in 10 weeks and graduate as a web developer! With the same daily and personal support from a great teacher and a motivated group of students but from your preferred location, the program is fully digital. After graduation you can pursue a career within tech.

New concept!

This is AW Academy's first Remote JavaScript Bootcamp. As the world changes it's become clear that learning is key for growth and development. That's why we now open up for more people to learn with us. In this Bootcamp you pay a tuition fee and can launch a career with full flexibility outside our network.

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Why learn programming?

  • There´s an estimated lack of 750 000 people with programming skills in EU by 2022. Tech is the future!
  • JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular programming languages used to build websites, applications, videogames and a lot of more digital products.
  • You can solve complex problems and build out ideas.
  • Bright outlook on wage and paying development and a job market in high demand of developers.
  • Do you like a flexible work set up? With these skills you can work remote, launch your own or join a start-up, or start at a big corporation.  

This is what you learn in the format of agile sprints and modules  

  • JavaScript Programming
  • Responsive web design using HTML, CSS and frameworks
  • UX and UI design
  • Version Control
  • HTTP & Rest API
  • React and Angular basics
  • Data Visualization

After the program you are ready to start working as a front-end developer on projects using modern web technologies.

Meet the teacher

Your teacher during the boot camp is Philip Nagler-Frank, an experienced software developer who has been working as a teacher at AW Academy for the last two years.

This opportunity is for you…


Upgrade your current skills portfolio with new techniques.


Launch a new career, wherever you come from or what background you bring.


Get the skills to build your own MVP or realize an idea.


Have your employer invest in your skills development.

How to apply?

  • Start by taking the logical test to see if you have the right cognitive abilities to learn JavaScript in 10 intense weeks.  
  • Did you pass? Congratulations! You can move forward in the process and send in an application with a motivational letter.  
  • An AW Academy Recruiter will contact you for an interview to make sure we are a great fit before you get accepted.

Why learn with AW Academy?

  • Legacy. Since 2015 over 1000 individuals have changed career with us! Now it's your time.
  • The AW Academy Way - our pedagogical platform that focuses on methods that makes adults learn in the most efficient way. Read more about it here (link to the AW Academy Way).
  • Dedicated full time IT lead teacher present and available on a daily basis for you to get the support needed.  
  • Fellow learners from Norway, Finland and Germany – an opportunity to widen your european network


Tuition fee

Price: 7 125 EUR incl. VAT, taken in consideration local currency deviations

Payment options:

  • Pay 100% up front when you sign the contract 
  • Pay 50% up front when you sign the contract and 50% halfway in the training
  • The tuition fee can be paid by you or your employer depending on who takes the cost.

When and where?

Last application date: August 25th

Launch event: August 31st

Pre studies: September 1st - 13th

Training starts: September 14th

Graduation: November 27th

The program is completely digital, full-time Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00

In English?

Yes, this is a program completely in English!

Other questions?  

Please get in contact at admissions@awacademy.eu

Get to know our alumnae!

Over 1000 people have changed career with us since the start in 2015 via our traditional programs. This is the first time we launch an online bootcamp, but we will bring all our experiences and learnings from the past 5 years and make this opportunity a great learning experience for you. Hear what our alumnae’s say about their AW Academy experience.

"If I had to describe my AW Academy experience with one word I would say amazing. Learning was very effective due to the hands-on approach. Of course I still have a lot to learn but I feel that AW Academy gave me a good foundation to build on."- Jukka, JavaScript program spring 2019
"AW Academy's pedagogy was a perfect fit for me: I didn't want to start another masters degree and this training was also all about learning by doing. I feel that my theoretical understanding grows when I can put it right to a practical context." - Heidi, JavaScript program fall 2019
"The most important thing I learned at AW Academy is that when it comes to learning anything is possible with the right attitude. The first week I felt like drowning under the load of information but then with time I learned to learn in a whole new way." - Tatu, C#.NET program summer 2018

On ihan älytöntä ajatella, että vain vuosi sitten olen vanhoissa töissä pähkäillyt ja tuskaillut, että hitto, jotain pitäisi tehdä. Ja nyt sitten vuosi myöhemmin voin todeta, että olen tehnyt jotain oikein. Ainakin toistaiseksi tämä tuntuu juuri oikealta ja tosi hyvältä päätökseltä. En ole hetkeäkään katunut, en ihan rehellisesti hetkeäkään.
Heidi NurminenJava kevätlukukausi 2018
Jos tämä 3 kuukautta on jotain opettanut niin sen, että kaiken voi oppia oikealla asenteella. Ekalla viikolla tuntui, että tietomäärä kaatuu päälle, mutta sitten, kun koko ajan tulee uutta, oppimiseen harjaantuu ihan eri tavalla.
Tatu VahteriC#.NET kesälukukausi 2018
Kun aloitin työt Academysta valmistumisen jälkeen, pääsin heti toisena työpäivänä tekemään oikeita, asiakkaalle laskutettavia töitä. Se kertoo siitä, että Academyn jälkeen töihin ei mennä tutustumaan, vaan ihan oikeasti tekemään – ja se on ollut parasta.
Sonja VojnovicJava syyslukukausi 2017