Learn JavaScript with AW Academy

This summer we go live with a new concept at AW Academy – the Online Coding Bootcamp. A new way to learn how to code in 10 weeks with us. We had a chat with Hanna E Andersson who is the Program Manager and responsible for the admissions to the program.

Hi Hanna! Besides being a Program Manager at AW Academy – who are you?

Oh that’s a million-dollar question! I would describe myself as a curious person who cares a lot about people around me with a strong conviction that everything is possible! Quite often I find myself competing against the rest of the world within small things in life. At the moment I´m a world leading parallel parker, I celebrated my albatross in golf like I won the Nobel Prize and when the Kardashian featured my newly renovated apartment I actually felt – “I have won at life”.  

What´s the best thing with your job?

Since I started at AW Academy, a dark November day almost two years ago, I have been responsible for a number of exciting projects. This makes every day unique, one day I am discussing re-skilling with our client C-level management, another day I am getting blown away by passionate experts telling me everything that I need to know about Cyber Security, a new tax regulation within Payroll or how to do an elevator inspection. All these inspiring people help me learn new things every single day, which is so cool but also a bit challenging sometimes – And you know from reading this far how I feel about challenges.

Tell us, what is the Online Coding Bootcamp and why are you so excited about it?

This is life-changing, not only for AW Academy but also for the people who get accepted! This is our first program in traditional Bootcamp set up where there´s a tuition fee and you after graduation decide yourself what to do with your new knowledge. Furthermore, this is the first time we do a fully remote, cross border, English program open to applicants from every country AW Academy’s operates in - Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany. We are really happy that we can offer more people who did not have the chance to apply before to start learning with us. I am really looking forward to meet all the motivated candidates in this program and being a part of their journey together!  

Who is this for?

Great question! At AW Academy we believe in people! What you did yesterday is not as important as what you are motivated to do in the future! Therefore I think we will have applications from intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, re-skillers and up-skillers who are eager to learn something new! Coding is all about problem solving and being creative which I think a lot of people could be and are attracted to. The world definitely needs more people in tech!

What will you learn?

This program will guide you through the fundamentals of programming and go into depth of one of the world’s most popular languages – JavaScript. You´ll learn responsive web design using techniques like HTML, CSS and other frameworks as well as the concepts of User Experience and User Interface design.

What can you do after the Bootcamp?

It´s really up to you on how to proceed with your new skills. Maybe you want to build that MVP you´re always working on, start your own company or join a big corporation. Regardless you are, upon graduation, ready to start working as a front-end developer on projects using modern web technologies.

Sounds great, how do one apply?

You can read more about the concept and apply here.  

And finally, what´s ahead of you this summer?

For me the summer is a time to reflect, this summer I will give the last couple of (read: weird) months a lot of thought and I will also take some time off social media. Instead I will focus on spending some time with my family and friends, listen to a lot of new books/podcast and of course renovate another apartment!

I wish you all a great summer and hope to see you this autumn!